First Build Project- Novice - Looking for Feedback


Jun 21, 2005
Greetings from Minnesota and Happy Holidays. To fight off the cold, I'm looking into building my first gun.....but I admit I'm increadibly green (never done this). I'm not new to shooting though - I've just used factory guns prior.

I'm going to build a .300WSM.

Here's where I'm at. I've decided on a Stiller Predator action and a Krieger #5contour fluted barrel. Can I just purchase the action assembly and send it to Krieger to fit the barrel to it (they offer chamberering service etc)??

And after that - I'm assuming I just purchase a trigger/mag assembly (I'm going with Remington 700 drop in replacement stuff). Can I just assembly that with my stock selection and then I'm good to go........or do I need a gunsmith in one of these steps for something??

Are there parts/steps I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for the help!!
Sounds like a great project!

Any time that you ship a receiver, you have to go through an FFL, that can run you an additional $25-$100 dollars in addition to shipping depending on the FFL holders fees. You might want to look into what a local gunsmith would charge to screw on the barrel and compare.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer type, you shouldn't need a gunsmith for the other stuff (assuming you get a mag assembly and trigger that are drop in fits).

Most likely you are going to want to epoxy bed the receiver to the stock and probably install action screw pillars. Both processes can be done at home as long as you take your time and do some reading on the topics, maybe practice on a junker stock too.

Best of luck and keep us updated:)!
Why do you have to go thru a ffl dealer when shipping a reciever the reciever is already on a ffl form i have shipped to JD at SSK ind. and he has shipped back without going thru another dealer.
I was thinking you needed to go thru an FFL as well.

If I get an HS stock or something on those lines - do you still need to glass bed those?

I find my time to be limited at times, so I tend to pay someone to put my rifles together. I feel that it is well worth the cost, and I know it is done right. My advise would be to save alittle longer and have the same gunsmith do the chambering along with bedding the stock, and such. It won't cost you that much more to have the smith install the trigger and bolt the stock on. And if the barrel channel needssome work, he can take care of it. If you go HS Precision stock still skim coat bed it.
If you are interested in learning, maybe you can find someone local to help run you thru the process.
Tom, you asked: "Can I just purchase the action assembly" yes but action manufacturers will only ship to FFL Holder-If Krieger has an FFL and if the action manufacture is willing to ship to them...your good to go.
When you first take possesion of the action it needs to go to a ffl holder, after it is "yours" you can ship it to any ffl to have work done and they can ship it directly back to you, no ffl needed.

If Kreiger will do it you can have the action shipped to them, but when they ship the barreled action to you it will have to go to a local ffl holder so you can fill out the proper paperwork.

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