SOLD/EXPIRED Firesteel mount for your Cold Steel SRK and Recon Scout or other.

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    Feb 8, 2009
    I have started making firesteel holders for some of cold steel survival knives, KNIVES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SETUPS. Here are pics of both my SRK and Recon Scout. The mounting hardware will consist of 2 black oxide hex key button head bolts and 2 nickel plated acorn nuts along with 2 washers to place in the fold of the firesteel mount. These mounts fit 3/8" diameter firesteels. ALL Firesteel mounts come with mounting hardware.

    Firesteel holder and mounting hardware for either the SRK or Recon Scout $17 TYD

    Plain (no handle) 3/8"x4" firesteel +$7 (not selling firesteels on their own)
    Handled firesteel + $22

    Firesteel striker free with full setup $1.50 without (not selling firesteel strikers on their own)

    Full setup with handled firesteel $35 TYD (I should have 4 within the next week) I have to shape, sand and finish all the handles so it MAY be a little longer than a week.

    Full setup will include firesteel holder (your choice), mounting hardware, handled firesteel and striker.

    I will also be offering a Firesteel mount, unhandled firesteel with lanyard hole and striker $25 TYD

    I can also make firesteel mounts for other sheaths that have eyelet holes on the sheath, I would prefer to have the sheath to ensure a good fit but could possible do it from a penciled templet. Measurements MUST be taken on the cutting side of the knife on the sheath, refer to my pics to see what I am referring to.