Finally got my 6.8 finished - Pics


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Oct 13, 2003
Gilbert, AZ
I finally got this back from the gunsmith. I recently traded it for one of my other guns and had him lighten up the trigger, and smooth out the feed ramp and put some Duracoat on it.

It's a POF lower with an Adams Arms piston kit and bolt and a Bison match grade barrel. I just took it to the range and it shoots pretty well. I was at about 1MOA (minus the flyer) and that's with a 5x scope which is like shooting at a postage stamp at 100 yards. I was using Hornady Match ammo 110 grain. It didn't like 115's.

I'm awaiting my tax stamp so I can get my AAC 7.62SD from the gun shop and finish this project off.


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