Federal 215 match primers


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Nov 18, 2008
Hello, I can not find any anywhere, as most of you know. Anyone know if this will pass or what? What primer should I buy instead? I need primers. It is going in a 300 wsm shooting rl 17 4350 or 760. thanks for any information.
Go to the various on line stores, a lot of them will do an e-mail notification when an item comes in. Midway had 215M primers for about and hour the other day. I happen to check my e-mail about 5 min after they sent the nitification and was able to get 5k of them.

I picked up 1000 of them here in WA from Kesselring Gun Shop 2 weeks ago. They are out there. You might try to order them from the shop, google them, they do have a web site and might be willing to ship you some.

Good luck,
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