Fed GM210M primers + 7STW


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Oct 7, 2013
Looking for successful recipes for the 7STW using only

the Fed 210m primers, your bullet plus your powder and powder amount.
I don't need to know your rifle or your MV. I'm not going to copy anyone's load just for the sake of copying.

I have a lot of the 210m's and want to get an idea if I want to use them in both my 7STW and my 8mm Mag.
I read that some combinations seem to do better with the 215m's, I just want to get a better idea.

Thanks much !
210’s work fine with H1000, Retumbo & H50BMG, but I wouldn’t recommend them with any ball powder or hard to ignite powders.
I rarely share my loads, but I used the same load with 210’s and WLRM/Fed 215 with 168g ABLR and Retumbo with 79.5g. YMMV.

Best group was with WLRM. Haven’t had the chance to try WLR, have run out of those, but generally, my best results occur with them.

I haven't ran over the Chrono yet, I was looking for best group size. I use rifle mainly to shoot coyotes out to 600.

FWIW my Kestrel 5700 trued at 3210 from 28 inch barrel(with suppressor).

I'll run over chrono next week and send you results. Load seems low pressure with no signs of anything abnormal on fired brass.
I switched from 215M to210M in my7PRC. Velocity dropped about 35-40fps. SD were reduced to very low single digits (2-3-4). Accuracy was about the same depending on which load and which bullet.