Fall breaks stock!



My 14 yr old son fell hunting, in the rain this year. He had his Remmington 700 ADL 7-08 syn. stock, slung at the time of the fall. The stock broke at pistol grip, showing the rear action screw. Also there's a small (pencil size) mark 8" down the barrel it didn't gouge the metal. What are the chances the barrel was bent? The 700 trigger is adjusted to 4 lbs pull and did not fire during fall. He would like to replace with a laminate hunter thumbhole. Should I put the gun in vise and shoot to check if still accurate.
I doubt the barrel was bent, but it is possible. No need to use a vise to check the accuracy. You're going to need to sight in the rifle after you replace the stock. Just shoot off a rest on a bench and if the groups are adequate for what you want to do then the rifle is fine. BTW: If you're not familiar with firearms it may be a good idea to have a gunsmith check it over.

Thanks Longrange I haven't had a rifle with that hard of a hit before, wasn't sure if accuracy would be affected even if bend wasn't visiable. Trying to save work of inletting stock before checking. Thanks again
He was fine, except being very upset about his now 2 piece gun. The scope was unmarked from fall, Leupold vari-x II 3x9x40 and has not leaked. The mark on barrel did take finish off (matte finish) any touch up tips?Thanks for the help
For metal touch up, try using a VERY SMALL amount of Flitz Metal polish. Be VERY careful as it will polish away the "matte" to the finish. As a non-abrasive, I have used car wax/polish to blend in scratches, it works pretty well on superficial scratches. I have found "Zymol" works well for this, but I think any wax or polish will work.

If you can't get a loaner stock to check it out you might consider taking it to a machinist or gunsmith. They will definitely be able to tell you if it's bent. Actually all you need to check it is a dial indicator and some V-blocks to turn the barrel in. Don't even need to take the action off.
I agree with LRH, I doubt the barrel is bent. Another concern from a fall that hard would be the scope. The pencil mark down the barrel (if it is not gouged to the bare steel) should be pretty easy to polish out.

Hope your son was Ok.

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