muzzle breaks?

I would add Holland's Radial brake, Kirby Allen's PainKiller brake, and Shawn Carlock's Defensive Edge brake as well-All proven brakes
There are a lot of good breaks that are available and very little difference in recoil reduction
between most of them.

There are different styles that are designed for specific features ( Non index-able, side only
discharge, side and top discharge, Same size as barrel, and even tunable) so I would recomend
that you get on line and look at as many as possible and then talk to your smith and get his opinion and then make up your own mind.

Some times It boils down to what break looks the best to you.

I have install quit a few breaks and there is a difference in there reaction and appearance but
they all reduce recoil and increase the noise.

I use Vais brakes for all my radial styles. If your shooting prone though you'll want a timed brake that discharges the gases out at 3 and 9 o'clock so you won't blow dirt all over yourself. I'm using one of Jim Sees "Muscle Brakes" on my 338-408 Chey-Tac and it works wonderfull. I can't say enough at how well it minimizes the recoil on that large cartridge. It all comes down on its use and appearance you like.
Are you using a 3 or 4 port Muscle break and do you have holes on the top?
I have a Broughton BBL coming and will chamber it .338 rum or edge.
I am going to have Jim do the work and install one of his breaks, so I was wondering which break to use, 3 or 4 ports?
I have a .300 rum i haven't put a brake on, reason being is noise, hunting, it blows my ears out, without it doesn't, all weapons i have, have brakes except that one, pick it more than others.....
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