Extremely Unusual Sounds made by whitetail Bucks Barking Made Insanely Loud Creepy Sounds


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Feb 19, 2017
I was hunting in NY opening day weekend this year when I heard the craziest creepiest sounds as some bucks were being pressured by another group of hunters. I was sitting on top of a hill 30 yards from private property. That morning I was hearing coyotes all around and a group of hunters probably made 30-40 shots over 4 hours (several hundred yards from me over the ridge down the hill on the other side of the property over the course of 4 hours. So the whitetail were really being pressured. I thought "how are there any animals left alive after all that shooting? " (I don't think it was a deer drive due to the length of time the shots were happening over). I was waiting for some white tail to get kicked up my way and it finally happened. I could hear an extremely loud, piecing, "scream/barks" by several bucks who were frantically making there way towards me. It sounded like a cross between a crow, and a hi pitch dog, but much louder and really creepy. The sounds were made 3 bucks who came together briefly and started walking towards me then took off in all directions. (They winded me before I had a clean shot). I don't know if you can post links to youtube videos here so if these links don't work google: deer barking and look at 2 videos with the descriptions.

The firsts video link is a European deer, not a whitetail, but its sound was closer to what I heard except what I heard was way louder. (they were 60-70 yards from me). Youtube link: . (European deer)

The deer were screaming "RUN FOR YOU LIVES WE ARE GONNA DIE!!!"

In case someone dismisses the video because it isn't a whitetail here is a second video, but the first video was closer to what I heard:

"whitetail buck busts me and starts barking (Necedah, WI)." . (Wisconsin whitetail)

Let me know if anyone has heard anything like that. There are 17 guys at our camp and all of the older hunters had not heard this sound.
Deer snorts....a lot...the first sounded like it had a megaphone..
If you think thats spooky...you ought to hear a cow elk scream at you like a banshee......it wasn't a bull elk bugling....i was watching that cow on the side of that hill looking down in our direction..open her mouth and scream like a person having the flesh ripped off the body....and all the rest of the herd giving a her such a wide birth that they looked like they'd never heard it before....it was ear drum piercing and she was 100 yards away....i remember like yesterday...and it happened 40 years ago....the trees that were sapling then have probably already been harvested......incredible....
Interesting, new to me. I don't think I would enjoy hunting with that much shooting going on.
I would say the deer were in a defensive mode, alerting all their buddies.
Mule deer and Coues in the southwest will do a nasally blow when they see or wind a threat. Sometimes herds on the move will grunt happily/quieter as they move thru the forest. Nothing like the European video however. The American whitetail video is louder than what I'm use to in the southwest. If I was hunting there on a visit, I would be alarmed a bit too. Lol....
I think both hunting pressure and coyotes, maybe a lot of running, really got their panic going and maybe they were really freaked out too. The European deer sound like a snort and vocal cord blow simultaneously. Interesting.
I have heard mulies do that quite often, at least like the second video. Actually probably most of the times they bust you at close range and actually see you, they will snort like the second video. The first one is the strange European deer thing, its like the red stag that roar, they make strange noises compared to what we're used to.
Here in Maine they call it deer blowing, they usually do it when they wind you. Its to warn all the deer around to be high alert. Does are more high pitched and bucks are lower with a deeper sound. I usually figure its all over when I hear it, they made me first :( I find the snort wheeze the big bucks make to be pretty loud when they challenge another buck.

Only sound up here that sets me on edge are the low grunt groans the rutting bull moose make and a bobcat screaming. Stands the hair on the back of my neck straight up.
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