exploded coyote shot with stw (Bloody)!


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Sep 26, 2005
South Central Missouri
If you don't like blood or such don't look this was one of two coyotes that I shot the other day while deer hunting. Both were around 120 yards and were taken with my 257 stw. Picture shows where dog was hit. Did not take picture of other side of coyote, but you can imagine what it looked like. If post needs deleted for the picture I will understand. oldfamily
That looks like one very dead coyote to me:D
Good shooting, you hunted two of them, and enjoyed doing it, so who cares what they look like when dead. Keep it up, and good luck hunting.
I shot one a while back with a 300 WM at about 60 yards and literally unzipped him. Only gun that was dirty at the time.

I'm not offended at all by that pic and nice job.:)
I think I may have you beat with my .204 and the ring of death! hahahha! good pic!
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