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Oct 8, 2014
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Greetings everyone. As the title says, this is going to be a lengthy post. If I was more computer savvy I would enter everything into a spreadsheet of sorts. Lots of variety to be had. Shipping (CONUS only) will be added to prices listed to be more efficient for buyers who want to purchase multiple items. Items will be sold by order of "I'll take its" in this thread. Bullets are bullets and will be listed by manufacturer part number with a description. If you need a picture of any items, PM me your cell number and I'll take pics and send that way. Brass will be listed by caliber, quantity, manufacturer, # of firings if known and processed state. Bear with me as far as shipping because I'm still working full time in spite of this Covid crap. That being said, let's get to it. All cases are regular brass unless specified nickle. I'd like Paypal F&F [email protected] or adjust accordingly. Will also take money orders ship after receipt.
#x =Number of firings
UK= Unknown Firings
New= New, duh
US= Fired, Unsized
FLS=Full Length Sized
NT= Neck Turned


Lot 1- 25-06 Remington 100ct Winchester 2x FLS NT 0.20/ea
Lot 2- 25-06 Remington 100ct Winchester 2x FLS NT 0.20/ea
Lot 4- 25-06 Remington 40ct Winchester 2x FLS NT 0.20/ea
Lot 5- 25-06 Remington 20ct Winchester 2x FLS NT 0.20/ea
Lot 6- 25-06 Remington 50ct Winchester 2x FLS 0.20/ea
Lot 7- 25-06 Remington 50ct Winchester 2x FLS 0.20/ea
Lot 9- 25-06 Remington 50ct Winchester 1x FLS 0.30/ea
Lot 11- 25-06 Remington 100ct Winchester 2x US 0.20/ea
Lot 14- 223 WSSM 120ct Winchester 1x FLS 0.40/ea
Lot 15- 270 WSM 26ct Remington UK FLS 0.40/ea
Lot 17- 358 Winchester 38ct Winchester 1x FLS 0.50/ea
Lot 20- 257 Weatherby 15ctWeatherby UK FLS 0.75/ea
Lot 22- 257 Weatherby 23ct Norma UK FLS 0.75/ea
Lot 23- 300 Weatherby 54ct Nosler UK FLS 0.75/ea
Lot 24- 300 Weatherby 23ct Hornady UK FLS 0.75/ea
Lot 25- 30-378 Weatherby 61ct Weatherby UK FLS 1.25/ea
Lot 26- 30-378 Weatherby 97ct Norma UK FLS 1.25/ea
Lot 28- 416 Weatherby 13ct Weatherby UK FLS 1.50/ea
Lot 29- 300 RUM 91ct Nosler UK FLS 1.00/ea
Lot 30- 300 RUM 41ct Remington UK FLS 0.65/ea
Lot 31- 300 RUM 39ct Remington UK FLS Ejector Marks 0.35/ea
Lot 33- 416 Rigby 6ct Norma 1x FLS 1.00/ea
Lot 34- 416 Rigby 25ct Hornady 1x FLS 1.00/ea
Lot 38- 204 Ruger 140ct Federal 1x US 0.30/ea
Lot 39- 204 Ruger 425 Hornady 1x US 0.30/ea
Lot 40- 220 Swift 480ct Federal 1x US 0.40/ea
Lot 41- 220 Swift 448ct Hornady 1x US 0.40/ea
Lot 42- 6.5-284 Norma 98ct Nosler UK FLS 0.60/ea
Lot 43- 204 Ruger 250ct Federal 1x US 0.30/ea
Lot 44- 204 Ruger 444ct Federal 1x US 0.30/ea
Lot 45- 6mm Rem 74ct Hornady 1x FLS 0.45/ea
Lot 46- 300 Win Mag 107ct Hornady 1x FLS 0.60/ea
Lot 47- 26 Nosler 100ct Nosler UK FLS 1.00/ea
Lot 51- 6.5-284 Norma 79ct Lapua UK FLS 0.55/ea
Lot 52- 300 RUM 102ct Nosler 2x FLS 1.00/ea
Lot 53- 22-250 Remington 100ct Hornady 1x US 0.40/ea
Lot 54- 22-250 Remington 136ct Hornady 1x US 0.40/ea
Lot 55- 22-250 Remington 143 Federal 1x US 0.35/ea
Lot 56- 22-250 Remington 58ct Winchester & BHA 1x US 0.35/ea
Lot 62- 6.5 Creedmoor 712 Hornady 1x US 0.30/ea
Lot 63- 6 PPC 70ct Sako 220Russian Formed 6ct Sako Nickle FLS 0.45/ea
Lot 64- 22 PPC/220 Russian 188ct Sako Most are NS .241" 0.45/ea
Lot 67- 7mm BR 76ct Remington UK FLS 0.55/ea
Lot 68- 22 PPC 50ct Norma New 0.65/ea
Lot 70- 6 PPC 41ct Norma UK FLS 0.35/ea
Lot 71- 6mm BR Rem 35ct Remington 5ct Norma UK FLS 0.50/ea
Lot 74- 7mm WSM 50ct Winchester UK FLS 0.40/ea
Lot 75- 243 Winchester 86ct Winchester UK FLS 0.25/ea
Lot 77- 300 RSAUM 50ct Remington 1x FLS 0.75/ea
Lot 78- 270 Winchester 37ct Winchester 1x FLS 0.25/ea
Lot 79- 270 WSM 53ct Remington UK FLS 0.40/ea
Lot 80- 270 WSM 99ct Winchester UK FLS 0.40/ea
Lot 86- 30-06 Springfield 305ct SL53 Headstamp New- These are from pulled down AP rounds 0.30/ea
Lot 90- 32 H&R Magnum 44ct Federal 1x FLS 0.08/ea
Lot 91- 375 H&H 50ct Remington New 0.70/ea
Lot 92- 375 H&H 19ct Federal 1x US Nickle 0.45/ea

Lot 81- Redding Deluxe #84317 6mm BR Rem $75
Lot 82- RCBS 22601 6mm PPC $30
Lot 83- RCBS 34101 7mm BR Rem $40
Lot 84- RCBS Gold Medal 28805 22 PPC .240" and .241" Bushings $75
Lot 87- RCBS 16901 375 H&H $30

.308 Diameter
Lot 93- 141ct Nosler 16333 170gr RN Partition 0.60/ea
Lot 94- 148ct Nosler 16331 180gr Partition 0.65/ea
Lot 95- 22ct Nosler 16329 150gr Partition 0.55/ea
Lot 96- 100ct Nosler 30180 180gr Ballistic Tip 0.35/ea
Lot 97- 43ct Nosler 30165 165gr Ballistic Tip 0.35/ea
Lot 100- 43ct Barnes 30857 165gr XBT XLC Coated 0.60/ea
Lot 101- 49ct Barnes 30879 180gr TTSX .70/EA
Lot 102- 48ct Barnes 30817 150gr XBT 0.40/ea
Lot 103- 39ct Barnes 30825 165gr X 0.40/ea
Lot 104- 45ct Barnes 30805 125gr X 0.40/ea
Lot 106- 28ct Barnes 30827 165gr XBT 0.45/ea
Lot 108- 35ct Barnes 30846 180gr TSXBT 0.55/ea
Lot 109- 50ct Nosler CT 52231 180 Partition Glod Moly-Free 0.80/ea
Lot 110- 136ct Nosler CT 180gr Fail Safe 0.80/ea
Lot 111- 68ct Swift Scirocco II 165gr BT 0.45/EA
Lot 112- 72ct Sierra 2125 150gr GameKing 0.20/ea
Lot 114- 98ct Speer 2053 180gr Hot-Cor 0.20/ea
Lot 115- 97ct Hornady 30702 180gr SST 0.25/ea
Lot 116- 50ct Hornady 30370 150gr GMX 0.55/ea
Lot 117- 40ct Nosler 59378 150gr ETIP 0.55/ea
Lot 118- 39ct Nosler 59180 180gr ETIP 0.60/ea
Lot 128- 94ct Hornady #3045 165gr BTSP 0.20/ea

Lot 121- 98ct Hornady 3706 225gr SP 0.30/ea
Lot 122- 50ct Nosler 54413 260gr Accubond 0.75/ea
Lot 123- 49ct Speer 2471 235gr Hot-Cor 0.25/ea
Lot 124- 46ct Barnes 37556 270gr TSX 0.70/ea

Lot 126- 78ct Hornady 3200 71gr FMJ/RN .311" 0.08/ea
Lot 127- 78ct Hornady 32050 85gr XTP .312" 0.08/ea
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Price please on :
Lot # 30
Lot # 31
Lot# 32
Lot # 50
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