East Texas what's it like there ?

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Aug 21, 2005
not florda
What is it like in east texas ?

Is it hard to find a place to hunt ?

Are leases expensive ?

How's the economy there ? any construction going on ?

Does it snow once in a while ?

Thanks for any info.

No snow to really speak of from around I-20 down to the gulf but, patchy black ice occassionally as far as winter weather.
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East Texas has alot of pine timber with hardwoods along the creeks and rivers.Most land is private,so finding a place to hunt can be a chalenge at times.Timber companies do own vast tracts of land and they do lease it.The average lease is around 1200.00 per year.The economy is not as bad as other places in the country.It snows about once in 3yrs.
What is it like in east texas ?
Varies from Hot/Sweaty to pretty nice. Mostly pretty nice.

Is it hard to find a place to hunt ?
It wasn't for me but I had acquaintances that had Catahoulas too. I hunted hogs only. Throw away that LRH stuff and get a good knife for up close and personal use and a side arm, (45 LC) to hold the other hogs off the dogs.:)

Are leases expensive ? No nothing about leases. Get in touch with a ranch manager who would most probably only very loosely be in contact with the "owner'. Whatever he says usually goes.

How's the economy there ? any construction going on ? I dunno

Does it snow once in a while ? I dunno

Very little difference between west Louisiana and east Texas, except the culture, dialect and life style.

Thanks for any info.


BTW, Mike, the western way is to sick it out in a hard headed kind of way. Took me over 20 years to catch on to that having moved from back east while still single.

I was a bit foot loose and fancy free but things came together when I decided to make my stand................here. 7 kids and 14 grand kids later my tap root is pretty well set, though most of the family lives in other places. But this is the place that they come home to.:cool:
VThomps ,

Thanks for the info. .

I do a little reading on a site city-data [relocation site] and there was a thread 'looking for the prettiest place in east texas' the town of Rusk was mentioned a few times.

I see that you are close to there ,from the pictures it sure looks nice ,thanks for the info.!


Roy ,

Thanks for the insight .

I have struggled with employment basically the whole time i've been here.
Having arrived in Idaho just about the time the economy took a plunge has made it very tough for this newcomer.
Had to come back to my old job yet again -just too slow of an economy and with winter coming on friends there tell me it's not slow it's stopped.
I know several good guys there who are worried to death -heading towards homelessness -that is really sad.
There's nothing i'd like more than to get up and go to work everyday ,do a little hunting and fishing periodically and just live my life out right here in idaho .But i can't seem to get anything steady enough to live that simple life for now.
Hopefully the economy will come around some this spring then i'll head on back out to ID. and if i can't find anything there -i plan on giving it a go maybe in oregon or back to the southeast maybe east texas .
BUT things don't look good in this country as far as i can see.

Not so sure i'll take up hunting with a knife -i'll take your word for it that it's fun.lafn.

Although i did just say ' I'll take it ' on a remington model seven 7mm/08 -so might become a mid range kind of guy...But hopefully not.

Thanks guys and anybody else that wants to throw something out there about east texas -feel free..
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