Don't they understand?

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    Nov 8, 2011
    Why is it there always has to be some so called hunters that wont follow the rules? Such as respecting private property, hunting regulations or blm/forest service travel restrictions. Don't they under stand that thier inappropriate or unlawful actions affect all hunters? Or is it that they just dont care? This type of "hunter" is the main reason that many landowners have stopped letting the rest of us have access. Also they give the anti's the power to pass more and more restrict the regulations.
    The same goes for the hunter that takes unethical shots at game. That shot maybe a 50 yard shot or a 1000 yard shot depending on the circumstances. I saw enough of this behavior over the last few days to make me sick (it was deer season here), and elk season hasn't even started yet.
    Can the responsible hunters do a better job of policing the sport we all love so much? Or do we just except that we can't change people?
    Sorry for the rant, I am just so disgusted!