Does Leupold make a CDS for windage adjustments


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Dec 26, 2010
Hello All,

I had a .300WM built and topped it off with a VX3 4.5x14x40mm CDS w/Duplex reticle.

After talking with Leupold of what I wanted this rifle/scope to do and where I primarily hunt in Colorado. I got back to them with the data they asked for and chose a 300 yard zero. They sent me the Dial and the increments are marked from 300-800 yards and it works GREAT! I now want to work on wind drift compensation.

Does anyone know if Leupold makes a dial for WINDAGE and does it work as well as the elevation Dial?

Since I am waiting for Leupold to get back to me, I thought I'd ask around here at LRH if anyone has any knowledge on this subject.

Thanks in advance,
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