Do You Plan To Buy Any New Optics In The Next 12 Months?

Do you plan to buy any new optics in the next 12 months?

  • YES - of course!

    Votes: 1,879 88.3%
  • NO - I have enough for now...

    Votes: 249 11.7%

  • Total voters
NF with moar-t possibly as I wouldn't mind seeing what the hoopla is about? Then again not sure what it'll be, but as long as the barrels keep coming in, then I'll need optics.
I am also thinking about switching the new scope to mils (but leaving my other rifles in moa). Feels like it will provide to much complication in the field for me though .... as in forgetting to switch over rf etc.
Always looking for good deals in discontinued scopes to upgrade my rifles. I have acquired many hi-grade scopes for under $400. I usually gift scopes but I sell some to folks that like specific brand classic types. Optics are continually improving with new technology. The price markup on new scopes must be huge.