Do you ever go on outfitted hunts?

Do you ever go on outfitted hunts?

  • I have in the past

    Votes: 423 32.8%
  • I plan to in the future

    Votes: 554 42.9%
  • I probably never will in the future

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Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
Have you ever in the past or will you in the future go on outfitted hunts?

More than one poll answer is possible in this poll.
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I'd like to but probably won't get it put together. I'm younger with a young family. I just feel like if I did it, it wouldn't be fair. It's not something we can all do.
I hope to be able to afford to go with an outfitter in the future but even if I can scrape up enough money then I would feel guilty with leaving the rest of my family behind, kind of selfish .maybe I'll just take them with me to some public land in Colorado instead:)

Yep, going on one next week. For some of us in flatlanders, it makes sense to try and hunt with someone that already knows the area. If I lived out west, I would have my own horse and gear and do it on my own, and spent my spare time in the off months learning the areas I wanted to hunt, and go camping.That would be the life.
We did a Caribou hunt once, not Guided, just had Camp Tenders.
Semi- Outfitted. Would love to some day, A full Guided hunt would be great.
My Grandad told me not to wait too long, his health stopped him from doing it by the time he was able to afford it.

Jmason; hang in there, your young, you'll make it. You'll be surprised how fast your family will grow up...Lots of time.
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I am not a US citizen, so for some of the trips I have plans, I necessarily need an outfitter. Just have to work a lot and save enough to be able to make them!!! There is where the problem begins, but as passionate as I am about hunting, I will invest time and money in good hunting trips: interested in elk, antelope, moose, mule deer, grizzly, caribou, sheep, at least one of them in a lifetime, at least those are the dreams and that is for free.:D:D:D Just hope God lets me do them, but they are a priority of things to do in my life so just have to work for it.
I would love to if I could come up with the extra cash it seems that every time I start saving I end up buying a new toy. Besides I would have to find a place that would have something for the wife and kids to do in the area while I was hunting.gun)
I have to agree with Bigbuck and Jmason (love your whiskey by the by). At this point in my life it would be entirely selfish of me to go on an outfitted hunt. Granted, if "she who must be obeyed" let me trot off to New Zealand with the boys for a red stag hunt......:rolleyes:
Have you ever in the past or will you in the future go on outfitted hunts?

More than one poll answer is possible in this poll.

I have been on 5 guided hunts and feel that they were for the most part very worthwhile
and enjoyable.

On 2 of the hunts I had to take the lead in the hunt because the guide did not care if any
of us killed anything or even had a good hunt.

These two Guided hunts were not researched very good (A Huge Mistake) one was put
together by a friend and the other was the 1st place prizes at the Texas state broad head
championship that I was ''Lucky" enough to win.

The other 3 were great and the guide service was outstanding even though I had to settle
for a mule deer instead of an ELK on two of the hunts.

And yes I will go on more guided hunts.

It is a good way to learn how ,If you are new to this kind of hunt (Like ELK).
Also a good way to learn an area or state.
And it helps you to learn what gear to carry and what not to.

Out of all of this I came to the conclusion that:
1 = you should do a lot of research before you talk to the outfitter.
2 = Get references and talk to some of them to get a feel for the type of outfitter he is (Not
just a good old boy).
3 = Communicate well with the outfitter and express your wants and expectations of the hunt.
4 = And if the Hunt does not appear to be headed in the right direction ,REDIRECT IT !!! It's
your money.
5 = And by all means don't demand a guaranteed kill because they cannot do that but they
should try very hard to make your hunt a success .

SO if the outfitter tries very hard and you have a great hunt (Kill or not) tip them accordingly
and it will give you a lot of good memories.

Went on my first outfitted hunt in the 2008 season.
The outfitter went over and beyond trying to put myself and newphew on animals.
Ended up taking a nice mule deer and passed on a small 4x5 elk which ended up being a mistake on my part.
In all it was most enjoyable and I will never forget it.
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