DIY Public land / DIY Trespass Hunt

Topgun 30-06

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Dec 6, 2010
Allegan, MI
It's all good. I understand the frustration of reading a post where someone wants information, with no intentions of helping someone else out, or putting in any work themselves. I should have been more clear in my first post. We've chatted and all is good. And my offer still stands with Topgun about hunting AZ.

I'd love to chase a moose one day 26reload. If you have info on a moose hunt, that you'd like to trade info or help on an AZ hunt of some sort, I'm all ears. PM me if interested.

You made good on your end after my posts and I hope the information I gave you in my email gets you a good hunt next year. He is correct on ID moose. I've helped my Wyoming buddy get a nice one up there south of Pocatello in 2007 and last year we got a nice one for our buddy in Ohio way up in unit 2 along the WA border. Both were drawn the first time the guys put in for those units. My Wyoming buddy also filled his OIL tag in Wyoming with a nice one in 2016 near Afton that I helped on. I thought bull elk were big until we stood over that first Shiras bull in 2007!!!
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Dec 25, 2016
SE Idaho
This is my third year in Idaho since moving from Oregon coast....
A couple guys I guided for winter steelhead fishing both drew first application for nonres moose tags....both killed nice guy just wanted a decent critter with rifle....other guy kept trying to take a nice one with a bow...last day he got within 30 yards...when he had his rifle.....
And he killed it.....
First guy was in 70....just not quite able to see into Pocatello....other was in 78 I believe.....
Last season trying for whitetail up south of couerdalene we saw probably the biggest bull I have ever seen....not that the antlers were humongous...but the body of that thing looked like a caboose......and that was only one hundred yards the first day...second day on the same ridge I could have sworn I saw the same caboose....but i couldn't put antlers on it at about 800 yards....fog kept sweeping in and just couldn't make it after the home we drove around to the top and tried to see it but for was worse i drove to top of ridge and walked down to where it was...found the spot...qnd the footprint of that animal was as large as my hat size...maybe was huge........pack one out.........nah....makes me sore just thinking about it.....