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Feb 18, 2003
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dont worry, i went back and checked the posts for the last year first, but didnt see anything in reference to knobs, so my question is, whats the difference between the regular target turrent knobs on a Leupold LR vs the M1 knobs? Checked out both Leupold's and Premier's sites, but neither had really anything about them. For anyone who's used both, which do you prefer and why?
The Knobs on the Target model have caps over them, the M1 turrets do not, both are waterproof when exposed for dialing though.

I believe the M1 knobs are a little bigger and "bolder" for gripping like the NF knobs are, but I'm not certain of it.

I hate caps and would never use them on the target model if I had one.

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This is what I found on the Leupold web-site using their Answer guide:

What is the Difference Between the M1 and M3 Riflescopes?

The M1 has 1/4 MOA adjustments on both the windage and elevation with a total of 15 MOA per revolution. The M3 has 1 MOA adjustments for elevation with a total of 60 MOA per revolution, It goes from 100yards to a 1000yards with one complete turn of the dial (a military request). and 1/2 MOA for windage with a total of 30 MOA per revolution. The M3 is provided with BDC's (Bullet Drop Compensators) for the .308 (168 gr.-2600 ft./sec.), .223/5.56mm (55gr.-3200 ft./sec.), .300 Winchester Magnum (220gr.-2650 ft./sec.), and .30-06 Springfield (180gr.-2700 ft./sec.).

Note: The Mark IV M3-10x40mm is gauged in yards except for the .300 Winchester Magnum, which is gauged in meters. The Vari-X III 3.5-10x40mm Long Range M3 is gauged in meters for the .308 and the .300 Winchester Magnum, and in yards for the .30-06 and the .223 Rem.
The M3-LR cam marked "308M" is in Meters, the 300WM is IN YARDS and for the 190SMK, not the 220SMK... Iknow it says meters, ut it isn't!

For the MK4-M3, the 300WM cam is in YARDS, not meters... in fact ALL the cams for the MK4-M3, including the M118-Nato are in yards... there are NO metric cams for the MK4-M3.

I know what the add says, and I know what the book says, but taketh my word on this one, for I knoweth of whateth I speaketh.


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Have faith in what the CAT says gentlemen. He was involved in a test done on sniper country that involved both. I own both myself, and i think it was on his recomendation! Thanks again Catshooter!
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