Did a search for best WP gaiters but came up empty


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Apr 1, 2016
Looking for a pair of durable 100% waterproof gaiters that are also quiet enough for turkey hunting. When you walk through miles of knee high grass covered in pre-dawn due you might bas well be wading through a knee deep creek. I wear 14XW 8-10" high leather boots so please factor that into your recommendations. Will only be used for turkey hunting.
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I've worn gaiters a lot over the years. As with most things, some are better than others. That said, the very best I've worn are the Kuiu Yukon gaiters. I'm 6 feet tall and the Yukons come up to just below my knee. So, I don't think that they would have a problem covering your 8-10" tall boot.
Kennetrek are quiet. Kuiu Yukon bombproof their Katana are my go to currently. I do have a "problem"- have a drawer full depending on boots and season.
Outdoor Research Crocs have always been the standard and what I have used for the last 20 years. KUIU does make a nice set and are the best hunting brand choice. If you're walking in wet grass you will be quiet enough for turkey hunting.