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Dec 25, 2007
Youngsville, NC
In the early 1990s I switched to a three compartment nylon Eagle Creek day pack. It holds approximately 2000 inches. It is made of black cordura nylon and has several features that I really like. the shoulder and waist straps will slide behind a false back and it has a suitcase carry handle for airline travel.

It has served me many thousand hours in a tree stand. I estimate it is at least 16-18 years old. This year the zipper blew out. I went day pack shoping returning to REI where I bought the aformentiond pack. This model was not available and I went to three other places looking for a new day pack.

I got on the internet and found that Eagle Creek packs come with a life time warranty. I thought what the heck. I called them and thes gave me a return authorization number and I sent the pack back. After about three weeks I got my day pack back. Not only did they repair the broken zipper they replaced the zippers in the other two compartments of this pack. What Service. If you are looking at getting a day pack you might look at Eagle Creek.

Good for you Rustystud.

I think the internet and sites like this [LRH] and many others have contributed to better customer service due to so many like minded people being able to communicate.

I've been wanting a big fanny-pack -i'll give the eagle creek a look .-Mike
Big Fanny Pack.

Ole Mike:

The Pack I used to replace the Eagle Creek pack while it was away for repairs is a Field and Streams Bear Claw. It is really two packs in one. The bottom detaches and makes a Large Fanny Pack. I bought mine at Dicks. It appears to be well made. I carry my Greens Tree Seat (Tree Stand) and Steps in the the fannie pack.

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