Darryl, David, Boyd, you can't cant


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Dec 13, 2001
Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant

Experienced longrangers like these in the subject and others not mentioned all know you can't have any cant in your riflescope or you will be inducing a windage error when you dial your scope up for long range. This is a Fact.
I would like to know your methods for mounting a rifle scope to make sure you have perfect scope alignment for no cant longrange adjustments. Thanks all: 308
PS if this ain't in the proper place feel free to move it, I wasn't sure just where to put it.
Re: Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant

Level the rifle and also level the scope to the leveled rifle when mounting it.

I also have a bubble level mounted on some of my scopes when shooting from the bags.

A simple solution.

For the person wanting a first round hit such as a sniper or those shooting 700 or 800 yards or further, the cant is VERY critical.
For those of us using the sighter round first method, 100 yards in front or behind the animal to get your windage adjustment, it is NOT as critical unless your way off on the cant. Your hunting partner with the bigeyes is the critical person on the team. Once the clicks have been put on and you hit the sighter spot you shot at, the cant made NO difference once your there.
You incorporate it into your windage adjustment. We have NEVER had a problem at all so I guess the cant was pretty good.

Darryl Cassel

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Re: Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant

I don't know how experienced I am.But the way I do it is I level the gun and point the bottom post of my scope at the center of my bolt.Most of the time they don't look straight to me but everybody else say's they are.That way seem's to work for me.
Re: Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant

Actually, I don't think it does matter if your crosshair is canted in reference to the bore. However, the crosshair cannot be canted in reference to the target. Does this make sence?
Re: Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant

Yes it matters very much. If its not straight inline with the bore you will have trouble sighting it in and the elevation will also have a windage affect when you click up for long range.
In relation to the target it cant be canted or the bullet will not fall back to the line of sight and hit what your pointing it at.
I was wondering the specifics of leveling the gun and scope. Where, how do you level the gun and then the scope? How do you make sure the scope doesn't move while your tightening everything up?
Thank yall for the help and info. 308
Re: Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant

The way I did it with my Sendero(300 Ultra)And my custom 7 stw is I removed the stock and put the gun in a level vice on the recoil lug.After I was sure everything was still level I lined up the rear post with the center of the bore and tightend up the mount's in a criss cross pattern until everything was tight.I checked every couple of turn's to make sure nothing moved.I may be taking thing's a little far doing it that way but it worked
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You wouldn't have troube sighting in at 100 yards if the cant was off just a small amount.

It would however cause a windage problem adjustment at longrange IF the cant was off a lot. When I say a lot, I mean it would be noticable or turned in a loose ring. If the cant is just a small amount off you will be able to make your LR adjustment with windage and elevation.

Probably 99% of the shooters or LR hunter would NEVER know or detect a problem if the cant was off a thousandth or two one way or the other.

I use a small bubble level on the flat part of the action after the rifle is set up on a flat, level table. I then put a small bubble level on the top elevation turret cap.
As I tighhten everything down, I watch all bubbles for correctness.

Again, if it's off a couple thousands it won't make a difference ONCE you are sighted in. If your shooting at 1000 yards and go back to 100 yards then go back up to 1000 yards with the SAME clicks as you had, you will be on target and there will not be a problem with the windage adjustment.

If you checked every gun at a 1000 yard match, you may find that the cant will be off just a bit on most of them. Very few are EXACT.

By ATTACHING a bubble level on the scope and setting up your rifle the same way in the bags is a favorite way to align your rifle during a match.

You really won't have a problem if the cant is off by a SMALL amount. A small amount you or anyone else would probably never catch anyway.


Darryl Cassel
Re: Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant

Thanks for the answers, this is what I thought all along. You confirmed it for me. This is good stuff, Thanks again: 308
Re: Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant

another way is to level you gun via on a table etc. Use a small torpedo level or somthing similar across the action on a level spot. You can hold the level on the action using a large rubber band. Point you rifle at any door way, ( watch for kids in the house, wife etc. ) hang a piece of string with a wieght on the end of it from the door way. ( plum level ) set your scope in the rings and turn until the verticle cross hairs line up.. tighten turn by turn checking every other revolution....

There is a level that can attatch to you picanniny type base system. ( slotted weaver type ) this makes the process much easier !!!
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