Stock Suggestions... Darryl, Boyd, Anyone help....


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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
Looking to build a 1k rifle that can be competative in a 1k BR match. Yet be able to pack in and shoot from bipod or other hunting style rest. Any suggestions welcome.

Thoughts are of maybe getting two stocks. One for serious BR shooting and 1 for hunting. Thoughts an opinions plz.

Lone Wolf (based in MT) might have what you are looking for. A friend uses one of their stocks for 1,000y benchrest (to win too!), and for tactical and F-Class matches, both of which require prone shooting, off a bipod in tactical and most use a rest in F-Class.

This stock features an adjustable cheekpiece, flat and sorta wide forend, and doesn't weight a lot (like the McMillan A2/3/4 stocks do). Seems to be a good multi-purpose rig. Heck, it has proven to be top notch for benchrest shooting, against stiff competition with MBR, D&B, and other stocked rifles.

Good luck.
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