CZ 550 Varmint 308

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    Jun 18, 2008
    Worked up a load today.I think it likes this one.

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    Oct 9, 2010
    When I asked my local gunsmith and custom rifle builder what he could do to improve my CZ rifles, his reply was "Not much". A few of them will admit to the high quality of CZ rifles, while CZ is seen as a threat to the Remchester type of manufacturers. I think that target proves you got a fairly typical CZ rifle. The light barrelled CZ rifles that I have shot have all grouped sub-MOA with decent handloads or premium factory loads. I would expect even better from a varmint model. I have 4 CZ rifles; bought 3 of them new. The new rifles print groups at 100 yards as good or better than the factory test target at 50 meters if I feed them what they like and do my part from a sandbagged benchrest.

    CZ does not cheat on their test targets. They have no need to make a guarantee in written advertising that their rifles are accurate. The test target is the proof, and anybody that doesn't have Parkinson's Disease should be able to at least equal it.

    Scheels in Billings has a new CZ 550 308 Varmint for around $1000. But, I can't afford it right now and really don't need it anyway. My new CZ 550 American 7x57mm prints sub-MOA groups all day long in our typical gusty winds. I got mine from a special limited production run for the American market.....only about 100 were shipped to CZ-USA.....the 7x57 was recently dropped from the European CZ I guess we got the last of what was on hand....for now anyway.

    My mil-spec FN FAL prints sub-MOA groups (about 0.9")at 100 yards with handloads, so I expect considerably better from a bolt rifle with a lighter trigger and heavier barrel. It has soundly beat a Weatherby that was sandbagged in a lead sled and shooting handloads while the FAL was shooting FNM military ball surplus and rested on a rolled up wool army blanket.

    WARNING: CZ rifles are a bit addicting. The local Billings shops suddenly can't keep them in stock and have a hard time getting shipments from CZ-USA. Half of all new rifles sold in Africa now are much as all other brands combined. In some African countries the market share is as high as 70%.

    When I go prairie dogging with a .22LR, my CZ 452 has scored about twice the kills as my Ruger 10/22 at the end of the day.....time after time. The CZ 452 recently nailed a PD at 262 lasered yards, and I stepped it off to confirm the range. The .22LR being subsonic at long range, I get many times more shots at PD's than when I use my CZ 527 Varmint .204 Ruger or CZ 527 Varmint .223 Rem. I'm shooting about MOA at 100 yards with cheap Blazer ammo, $12.99 a brick at Shipton's right now. That's considerably cheaper than my .25 cal air rifle match pellets as far as ammo goes, and just as accurate. The CZ 452 was also about half the price of the BSA air rifle/air pump combo.
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    I think you need to work up another load. You missed the target with 2 of the 3 shots. :D

    Nice shootin!