SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Varminter

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Rifle still available.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about it.

If you live close and want to shoot it that is perfectly okay with me.
A lot of rifle here folks.

Olympic Arms uppers run between $750 - $850 (w/o the quad rail free float hand guard that this one has)
Les Baer Custom chrome bolt carriers $115 - $155
MagPul stock $185 - $260
Compression rear take down pin $20 - $30
Adjustable grip with palmswell $80 - $100
Thread barrel and install break $125+
GG&G bipod $180 - $210
30mm Ultra high rings (I think they are NF, but am not certain) $30 (if not NF) - $120 (if they are NF)
Illuminated Barska Swat scope $200 - $400
Completely Annodized including rings $150+
Bushmaster lower $250 - $275
Charging handle extension $20 - $80

I'll take $1300 and cover the shipping to your FFL.
Not open for further replies.