Custom Rifle Cases--Kalispel--????

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    Anyone have any experience with the Kalispel brand of aluminum hard cases for rifles? I aquired one today on a trade and was looking for any opinions or experiences anyone might have. Mine is a double rifle case 62"x 6.5" x12"(perfect for long barreled varmint and target rifles). There is an engraved tag near the handle that reads "Kalispel Case Line Products -- Cusick, WA". I would like to purchasesome wheels and additional foam for the case to allow me to cut it to fit specific guns. It appears to be very well made as it is welded at the corners and riveted everywhere else. Thanks.....CJ
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    Dec 18, 2001
    it's top of the line hand made. im told by Kalispel indians. mcmillan told me to get one for my .50bmg lbr works great,thanks,keith