SOLD/EXPIRED Custom light 300 WSM with Manners


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
Just had third neck operation this last year, torn rotator surgery last month so day of the magnums is long over.

300 WSM, 26" Lilja SS barrel in 1-10 twist #3 contour, trued and blueprinted 700 action with PTG fluted bolt, handle and Sako extractor.

Defensive Edge side bolt release and Holland heavy recoil lug.

Stock is Manners EH1 Elite

Round count is right at 240

This is a very accurate and light gun that shoots out to 600-800 yards or so with no clicks. I have killed deer at just over 600 with this setup. I took a coyote at 710 in November.

Shoots 168 gr Barnes TTSX into little bitty holes with RL17 at 3150 fps. Weighs 8 lbs or just under with rifle, scope, sling and loaded. Not a super light sheep rifle, but easy carry gun well under 8 lbs.

IMO the TTSX work geat on deer and give plenty of expansion along with more than decent BC and accuracy. They are not super high dollar bullets that require a special twist and I can buy all I want from sinclairs, grafs or midway.

Scope is a super clear and bright Kahles 3-9X with the TDS. This scope is one of the clearest out there. The TDS is like all ballistic reticles it is designed to work off max power.

I worked the POI for each crosshair with Exbal at 6x, 7x, 8x and 9x as I only had a 3-9X. Used a 215 yard zero. That leaves me little over 1.6 high at 100, so pretty sure I am not going to miss the deer with that. Used white label maker tape on the side of the stock for durability and easy to see. **** getting old is crappy.

Gun, bases and rings is $1900 with dies, and brass, maybe box and half of TTSX bullets shipped and insured to your FFL as long as they take from an individual.

Gun, with Kahles scope, dies, bullets and brass is $2400 shipped and insured to your FFL as long as they take from and individual.

ONLY trades might be SEB rest (NEO or Maxi) yeah right on the SEB but you never know and possibly 6.5-284 with 24-26 inch med contour barrel 7.5- 9 lbs.

Will do a lay away for 3-4 months with $200 non refundable deposit.

email [email protected]