1. Joel Russo

    Joel Russo Well-Known Member

    Jul 5, 2006
    Thanks to my business partner, I've been inflicted with the predator hunting bug this year... I've spent a pile of money on new thermal equipment, almost finished with a dedicated coyote gun, and other stuff I bought along the way.

    After my last trip to TX, I realized that I needed some hand calls. Never being one to settle for "off the shelf" stuff, I started doing some research on custom call makers. Spent a bunch of time on the Predator Masters Forum reading, reading, and reading some more. I decided to give Sean Eubanks, owner of Mangy Mutt Game calls, a call to see what he can do for me. He spent some time talking about all the options he offers in the different types of calls, and what he would recommend.

    Being a custom stockmaker, I had quite a bit of nice cut off wood laying around. I boxed up a few pieces and sent them his way. We talked about finishes as I'm pretty anal about the finishing process. Sean usually does a CA hard gloss finish, but I wanted a more natural look. He ended up doing an oil/wax finish which I was extremely pleased with.

    Sean's attention to detail is evident in his finished product, and we'll certainly be doing more business together.


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  2. sdkidaho

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    Aug 30, 2009
    I have these:

    And these:
    And this one:

    A couple others that I don't have pics for at the moment.

    And a squirrel call, the one on top: