SOLD/EXPIRED custom 280ackley tikka w/swarovski z5


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Aug 18, 2013
Tikka t3 action
Bolt fluted by kampfeld
titanium handle / carbon fiber knob
lumley metal shroud
16 bore modified talleys
bartlien 5r #3 finished at 24 inches
atlas bottom metal and original metal included ( plastic currently installed )
Bedded in a mcmillan edge sako classic
swarovski z5 3.5x18x44 Bt 4w / outdoorsmans turret cut for Moa
All metal cerakoted sniper gray
Rifle shot a Net. 273 group with 150 ttsx at load development
I want to include lee dies, both collet and full length set. Approximately 100 new nosler brass, 50 new hornady brass, approximately 100 once fired nosler brass sized .Three magazines ( one 5 round ).

$2750.00 shipped package to ffl, components separately shipped. I can text or email pics
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