SOLD/EXPIRED custom 270 wsm


Feb 25, 2009
I have for sell a Bansners 270 wsm ADL, Custom action,jewl trigger 2.5 pounds ,Lilja #4 fluted 25 inch barrel with Bansnsers Brake on it. High tech specialties stock. It is set up with a Huskemaw scope and will shot under 1 MOA out to 800 yards. Prefer to sell just gun but would sell both together.
300 rounds down the barrel and custom load development done.

Gun alone 3500.00 Gun and scope together 4500.00gun)

I also would include 600 Berger 150 VLD bullets,Forster benchrest die set, 150 norma 270wsm brass, stormcase 3300 with custom cut out foam for rifle. This would raise the price 500.00

Email [email protected] or [email protected]
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I will try to get some pictures up, do you have a email i could send them to instead.
Sorry i have worked the last 43 nights havent had time but today is my first day off and i should have them up in a couple days.Im going to add a few things to the gun i have posted.