SOLD/EXPIRED Bansners Custom 270 wsm


Feb 25, 2009
I have for sell a Bansners 270wsm ADL for sale, Jewll trigger 2.5 pounds, Bansners brake,Custom action, Lilja #4 fluted barrel.High tech Stock. The gun is mounted and set up with a Huskemaw scope and custom load development done. Will sell with or without scope. Also if interested i will sell 500 rounds of Berger 150 vld, 150 norma 270 wsm brass, stormcase fitted for the gun Forster benchrest dies. Less than 300 rounds down barrel.

This is a very accurate rifle well under 1 MOA at 800 yards, Shot mule deer at 705 and a elk at 690 this year. If interested email [email protected] or [email protected] and i will email you pictures.

Gun scope and everything 4500.00 or will split up and sale.
Gun and everything without scope 4000.00 or make offergun)
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