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    Jan 4, 2006

    I dont post much here, but here goes:

    I have up for sale, a Bettin Custom Guns .270 wsm made on a Mauser 98 long action. The gun has recently been reblued so it looks brand new. A Mcmillian was recently installed in the Coyote Bomber pattern. 13.5" LOP, brand new, bedded floated, never shot with the Mcmillian. It has approximately 500-600 rounds down the barrel and is a tack driver. My best group is .184 @ 100 yards (see picture). The gun holds less than MOA out to 600 yards or so (farthest I have shot on paper)
    There is a soldered on, one piece Mauser style base. I will include 1" rings with the gun.
    The trigger is a Bold and is very light, but easy to adjust.
    The rifle was not built for me, so I do not know the twist of the 24" Shilen barrel but it shoots 140's very well. (the picture is from 140 NAB's)

    PS, dont pay attention to the missing turret on the Zeiss. It was damaged by UPS.... Just havent taken the scope off yet.

    I would like to get $900 for the rifle, shipped.

    PLEASE reply to me at [email protected]
    I will be checking this, but not extremly frequently.

    Now for pix:
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