Custom .243 Mauser Camo Paint?


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Oct 25, 2009
I just picked up a beautiful custom argentine mauser in .243. Its goreous and shiny.

what are some sugestions on painting it camo? this is my main coyote rifle and i really have mixed feelings about painting it.

should I just leave it how it is and hope coyotes wont notice the glare at 700 yards? or paint it so i can gain some stealth?
I have painted some stocks and they look good. I got flat green, sand, and black spray paint from Wal-mart. Painted the whole stock with sand color then I took one of the plastic mats that you can find in the sewing department that they use to cross stitch with yarn or hook rugs into. It has little squares about 1/8 inch on a grid. I just held it over the stock and gave a little shot of green or black paint to blend in the stock. It makes the camo look like the USMC digital style and it has held up really well.
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