Cooper M21 204 Ruger

Ron Milby

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Sep 26, 2017
Bloomington, IL
*** Sold ***

Cooper Model 21 204 Ruger has a 1 in 12” 25 1/4 barrel that is bedded in a lamented stock. The scope bases are Talley and the Talley quick detach rings are 30mm low and medium height. The rifles has 500 rounds through it and it is very accurate rifle. Please notice the factory target.

I am asking $1,250 for the rifle or best offer. I am selling the rifle to fund more custom builds. My cell phone is 309 825-4683.

For a personal reference, I have purchased 3 custom builds from Ryan Pierce @ Piercision Rifles and I asked him if I can use him for a reference.

Thanks for looking!

C1FFB731-A9C9-47DF-94AB-502E710F2051.JPG C2FB2742-F7F3-494D-8263-7DCBF2E4ED55.JPG C2FEBF17-B01C-4CDE-B070-A3B7953757F5.JPG C131F0A3-9394-4A12-A7FA-5393BD2D385B.JPG 89859E4E-DAD3-4AD4-B646-9F807E3179BF.JPG DCCABD7D-A470-455E-ABF8-4BCECCBE05A1.JPG 512319F6-2011-4834-BC95-CD93FB25EF07.JPG 3112B8F1-6C93-4302-B3C4-570D12EE55B7.JPG 3E878C7D-32CC-4BFA-80DC-FB38C8A11B3E.JPG
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