204 ruger

  1. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED 204 Ruger Brass

    Looking to buy 200+ pieces of new or slightly used brass (1-3 firings). Preferably Hornady or Winchester since those are the headstamps I already use. Thanks for helping!
  2. F

    204 brass cases NEW OR USED for sale?

    Looking for New or used 204 brass cases for sale. Please let me know. 🙂
  3. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady .204 Ruger brass

    I have a bunch of 204 brass fired through a bolt gun available. I have 495 pieces that are once fired (145 of those have been cleaned, sized, and chamfer/deburr and are ready to load) I also have 130 pieces that have been fired twice. All of this brass has been stainless media tumbled, so you...
  4. benopland


    here is a video of last years prairie dog shoot. we are using a custom built AR-15 chambered in a 204 Ruger. thought you might enjoy a little hype video for this summer:)
  5. Ron Milby

    Cooper M21 204 Ruger

    *** Sold *** Cooper Model 21 204 Ruger has a 1 in 12” 25 1/4 barrel that is bedded in a lamented stock. The scope bases are Talley and the Talley quick detach rings are 30mm low and medium height. The rifles has 500 rounds through it and it is very accurate rifle. Please notice the factory...
  6. Canhunter35

    17 hornet vs 204 ruger

    hi, I would like to hear everyone’s experience with the 17 hornet I’m considering upgrading from a 17hmr to a 17hornet. I’ll be using it to kill varmits and the cost of hmr rounds has me considering a little centerfire that I can reload for. My wife already has a 204, awesome little round and...