converting fclass to critter gitter


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Dec 8, 2009
ok, on a whim i bought a savage fclass 6.5x284 i have shot it some and have lost interest. if i can not trade it off i am going to turn it into a hill to hill whitetail rifle. being 13 lbs with a 30" tube it is not well suited for the task at hand. i guess i would lop 5" off the barrel and turn down the contour. also i would need to put a different stock on it and put a different trigger in it.

what are you guys opinion. where can i find a sporter or lv stock to fit the single shot target action. and what is the best trigger to replace the target trigger on the savage.
the trigger will decock on closing unless you hold your breath and pray. even with it set at highest poundage it has tripped on me.
I would sell the rifle and start over, like others have suggested. The trigger sounds like there is not enough overtravel (engagement on the sear). It is not affected by pull, for the most part. I am not super familiar with savage triggers, but can tell you that this has been my experience with Rem700's.

Fix the trigger and you should have no trouble selling it.
You can find take-off Savage barrels for way under $100. Try trading yours to someone before chopping it.
I have a .243 standard taper and a 300 WSM fluted stainless (large shank) sitting in a closet somewhere around here.
Take off stocks are scattered about the country and aftermarkets in your favorite flavor can be found.

Your best bet might be to attend an F-Class event and see if anyone want the rifle. Then build or buy a beanfield.
Any questions about Savages or parts: They make stocks also. This guy/site deals strictly with Savages.

Good Luck.
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