Contact Info For Ken Farrell?


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Dec 26, 2003
His website is down or at least I cannot get through to it.

Anybody got his phone number out there?

A fellow on 24 hour campfire says the Farrell base is twice as thick/high as the Loopie Mark 4 base, which kinda explains some of my frustrations I have griped about on a few other recent threads here.

Does Ken Farrell make super low rings to compensate for his thicker base?

Can you help a brudda out here??? heh heh

Thanks you'all!
Thanks Wayne!

I just can't get through, must be some computer voodoo snafu I suppose.

Hey! Neighbor! did you notice an super low rings???? heh heh

Thanks again
I did not see any superlow or low rings on Farrell's site but I believe the standard Badger Ordnance rings will be lower than the Farrell standard rings. Are you using a 40 or 50 mm scope? You will probably be just right with a 50mm scope with the standard Badger's and the Farrell base.
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