Consistent OTC Big muley buck harvesters


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Jun 11, 2018
Pocatello Idaho
Hey guys, I'm not new to hunting Muleys. I've hunted these guys hard and crazy over my life. My biggest is a 170 class buck. Not bad. Definitely eyeing that 200" buck for the future.

I'm mostly curious of you guys that are consistent at killing big bucks every year. Besides the scouting, whats different? What sides you different from the average Joe? Do you change tactics depending on weather, type of year, etc? How do you decide what to do?

Me, I hunt far in and away from people. I spend alot of time glassing. Hours. This season we had our first snow storm since I can remember that went through opening weekend. I'm not talking an inch or two, I'm talking 6-12" on top. We were up in the top glassing into cliffs, tree clusters, down into the bottoms, etc. The wind was also blowing 30mph on the ridge lines with 40mph gust. Not a joke lol. Our big buck that we call stickers is nowhere to be found. We think he just went into the deep timber. Stickers was an old deer last year and might not of made it. He's a 200"+ buck weve been chasing. With the snow, weve seen more bull moose than bucks. We spent 2 1/2 days up on top. Seen a big forky when we were headed in. And 6 does. I'm thinking with the weather, it mightve got them into panic mode, or confusion and sent them deep into the timber. We will head back in Friday and see what we can pick up.

On our way out, down in the bottoms we seen 8 does and 3 bucks. A decent 3x and 2 small 2 points. Maybe they're down low with the weather being how it is. We shall see how she fairs.

Heres a pic of stickers. This was taken at over a mile away. Cant tell from the pick but hes a nontypical with a droptine about 10" long on his right side and "stickers" coming out of both the left and right side.

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