ColdBore 1.0 for Windows Phone FREE? Seriously, no joke!

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    ColdBore 1.0 for Window Phone FREE!!!!!

    Down below I'm pasting some of the information I obtained for this post.

    The screen shots below I did not organize them but you'll surely will get a good idea...

    Well, after a long journey ColdBore 1.0 Phone edition is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace

    ColdBore 1.0 | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Some countries will have to wait until MS updates their corresponding sites, but the program was certified to be available in about 185 countries.

    It features almost the same feature set of the Desktop edition, plus some not found there, like GPS, Mapping, Weather RSS and SkyDrive service to upload/download user’s data. Only feature not present for now, is the Kestrel feed.

    All the usual modules are there

    1) Analyzer
    2) Ballistics
    3) Conversions
    4) Library
    5) Logs
    6) GPS / Targets (with great new features)
    8) Weather / Sun / Moon

    Of course, this allows for syncing together the PC with the Phone.

    It’s amazingly fast due to a new parallel algorithm and can work with any screen resolution of the available phones.

    The program is absolutely free, but still requires registration in order to unlock data saving and data download. Except for these, the rest is 100% functional.

    Why? Because all current users of ColdBore 1.0 Desktop edition are the only ones who will be granted a license, since the rationale behind the Phone edition was to make it a “community edition”. In no way a license will be charged, since the package is 100% for free a point worth to stress.

    In short, if you want to license the Phone edition, first become a Desktop edition registered user if not already.

    Click on screen shots below and again to enlarge