Christensen scope alignment


Oct 12, 2016
Central Idaho
Anyone having trouble with bottoming out the alignment on a christensen? I just punched a nickel with ten shots during the initial break in of 10 shots(cleaning between each shot). Although it was 25 yards and it was 5 inches high. I hit the bottom of adjustment bore sighting. I went out to 250 yards and made a nice hole 16 inches over the hold. I am using the lowest bases available with the picatinny, should I just toss it? And if so which bases? I'm using a Zeiss with a 40 mm objective.
Are you going the right way?
If you want to go low, the cross hair will go high when bore sighting...
Ok, so hopefully I didn't just make myself look like a total *******. I didn't try adjusting in the field because the sky's opened up. So the horizontal was high during the boresighting and hit the end of the clickers trying to line up...i.e. Couldn't go any lower.
It's very easy to get confused, your mind want to lower the cross hair to lower the impact. But in reality it's the opposite.
The closer you take the cross hair to the bore the higher you will hit.
When you lower the cross hair you are having to raise the rifle higher to line the cross hair up with the target..
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