chosing the best platform to with.

Big Norm

Dec 7, 2012
Hi all. Im new to this forum and to long and medium range shooting. Wanting to take my first step into medium 400-600 yrd shooting. I have several guns and calibers in mind..

I currently own a Savage 116 fss in 270 Winchester 23in fluted barrel with factory muzzle brake and a FNAR in 308 with 20 in barrel.. I am presently entertaining 2 rifles and 2 different calibers. First is a Savage:

Savage Arms

Second is a Remington Sendero SF II

CALIBER choices are either 7mm win mag or 300win mag.
If I go with the savage it will more than likely be a 300wsm due to the fact that the Bell Carson stock I would buy for the Savage only comes in short action only..

I do intend to reload.. I use the 270 for all my hunting so I am looking to build something to punch paper but still give me something to stop BIG Aliens and zombies..

Any help is appreciated!!


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Dec 20, 2008
Great Falls, MT
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