chip in view


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Feb 3, 2009
I done it.
Knocked over my sedero with Ziess Conquest 4.5x14x44.
Picked it up to look though scope and can see a chip in something when the power and the AO are turned all the way down. have not shot to check zero. Is this some that needs to be repaired or can i check it out and keep using it.
I would say that if it holds a zero and gets you through the season then you sshould keep using it. I was just talking to a friend of mne yesterday abut his zeiss scope and he had his zeiss binos and zeiss scope submerged under salt water for a few hours (long story but a funny one) and the salt water destroyed both the optics he sent them back to zeiss and they repaired both for no charge and put new glass in each of them I hope that they will do the same for you and i hope this helps.. Good luck I hate when stuff like this happens especially during hunting season..
I'd go for a back up if you have one. I'd hate for you to have a trophy lifetime and you cannot see through your scope. This happened to a friend a couple of years ago while bear hunting. His scope (can't remember the brand) was all fogged up and stayed fogged up.

Good luck!
Thanks guys i think i will set it outside one night to see if it going to fog up if the seal was broken i should be able to tell.
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