Vortex HS with Mag-View


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Jan 9, 2011
Okay maybe I am having a blonde moment.
Vortex promotes this "patent pending" scope option called Mag-Vew. I don't get it? I have a 4-16x50 HS model. So I turn the dial 4 thru 16. I have powers 4 thru 16. Am I suppposed to know or see something different or does another part of the dial turn and I just don't get it?

Also is the little rubber dial just above the mag-view dial supposed to freely turn. I sure hope not.

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MAG-View Combines a fiber optics magnification indicator with raised rear-facing magnification references for clear viewing in low light conditions. Patent 7,937,879

Mag view is what they call that little fiberoptic indicator that aligns with the power setting you are using.
Thanks for the reply MT4XFore

I ended up calling Vortex and speaking to a tech before I got to see your reply.

My scope has the BDC reticle. The BDC reticle works at full power only unless -->

1. (.and you really have to do this anyway, dependant on your rifle) Go to the Vortex site and plug in your rifle's numbers to get a more accurate yardage correlating with the hash marks in the BDC.

2. Using the multiplier info on the mag-view's dial you can calculate your yardage correlating with the hash marks in the BDC regardless of your magnifying power view.

I still did not get the whole gist since I am replying to the post first, but regardless, I am going to use the ole plug in the numbers instead of getting my calculator out.

Thanks again
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