Chad from South Dakota


Nov 2, 2009
Rapid City and Bowdle, South Dakota
Hey guys, Thanks for every thing you have done with this site before I got here. The stickies and articles are easily the best I have found on any forum. I think I pretty much read them all, so I figured now would be a good time to introduce myself.

I'm a farm kid born and raised, my home town is just a bit west of Aberdeen, SD and I go to school at SDSM&T in rapid city as an Industrial Engineer. I'm not completely new to long range shooting and have shot deer out as far as 500yds thanks to my uncle and old man teaching me the basics. With some help from you guys maybe I'll learn some more and get comfortable with further distances.

My guns
I already shoot a Remington Sendero in 300RUM. It's not used a hell of a lot because I'm not a huge fan of recoil. The recoil honestly isn't as bad as I figured it would be, but it's still enough to get me pulling after 5 or 6 rounds. This one is topped with a 4.5-14 leupold VX-III.
I have a 22-250 ruger M77 MKII with a weaver v16 bolted to the top. This is my workhorse. I shoot basically everything that walks the plains with it.
Then I have a .223 in a Ruger Mini 14 targeter with a 2.5-8 leupold on it. It's my accurate rambo gun.
Chinese SKS- my pathetically inaccurate rambo gun.
A couple winchester 30-30's with open sites that we keep behind the seats in pretty much every farm vehicle.
And for the feathered critters I have a black 26" Benelli Nova.

Sorry the post was a bit long winded, and I'm glad to be part of your community.
Welcome Plowboy,

I like reading long wided posts, it's a good way to kill time. I've got a Sendero 300 RUM also and the way I deal with recoil is to use a Limbsaver slip-on recoil pad. Works great at the range and if you like you can take it off in the field. I shot about 50 rounds of load work in about 2 hours once (on a cool breezy day good for barrel cooling) and never got the least bit sore.

Join the fun and frolic.


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