case tumbeling?


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Jul 31, 2012
N. Utah
im new to reloading and just was wondering if tumbeling your cases improves accuracy or does it just simply clean the brass for better inspection and to look better?
ive just been curious and couldnt find the answer anywhere
Clean brass is certainly easier to work with as is less prone to excess friction in your dies ... I would say that it definitely affects your accuracy in that dirty brass is more likely to experience run-out due to excessive pressures in the dies.
MY BIL is an expert IDPA shooter and hardly ever tumbles his brass (pistol). I always tumble the heck out of mine. I like shiny, he don't........
Alight thanks guys. Being new to it I just like to find out what everything is for. I could see how it could possibly make your shooting more accurate but wasn't sure
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