Case Trimming and Prep Ideas


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Jan 16, 2013
New guy here, just wanted to start out by offering up a couple projects i have worked on lately. First was to turn down a grove on my RCBS trimmer pilots to allow them to rotate separately from the cutting head. When i used my drill adapter it would tear up the case necks and ruin my runout readings. Doing this simple step eliminated any possible damage to the neck.

Next i wanted to make a power deburing tool but did not want to pay for a store bought one so i came up with this.

A $20 car seat motor from amazon.

Then made a fitting to attach it to the tools.

This spins at about 100RPM which works very well for using these tools. Their usable life was in question but it has been ran for over 8000 cases now and is still going strong.

If i crossed a line somewhere about a new guy posting im sorry, just trying to share some ideas that helped me.

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