Carry Zero

John Burns

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Feb 25, 2004
What range are you zeroed for while you are carrying your rifle?

Do you have different carry zeros for different situations?

For me I always use a 200 yd zero on all my scoped rifles and adjust the scope for any shot beyond that.

Lots of ways to skin a cat and I am interested how the members here do things.
I zero my scopes at 100 yards and then set the -0- mark on the turret. After that I adjust the scope for a carry zero based on what I'm hunting, for varmints I set it to -1- MOA and for big game I set it to -2- MOA while in the close environs of the Eastern U.S. and -3- MOA while out in the more open westerm U.S. If the critter is a long way off I laser range, setup, adjust the scope and shoot.
In the past I have carried my rifles 0 at 300 yards. I hunt a lot of open country. Works great on longer shots but has hurt me on some shorter shots as the mid range trajectory was too high.
I have learned the hard way and now my carry 0 is set at 200 yards, works much better all around for me.
Much easier to adjust for drop on long shots than it is to remember to hold low on shorter shots.
300 yrd carry setting on my Warbird and then I go to the scope if it's over 500.

200 yrd carry setting on my other rifles.
For my heavy barrel 06 and 308 with mil dots scopes I zero at 300 yards that gives me mil dot aiming out to 700 with no trouble. I just laser the range pick the right mil dot and kill what Iam shooting at. On some of my lighter rifles with Balistic plex the zero depends on matching the plex most of the time between 175 and 225. This has worked well for me for shots out to 600 yards.
I usually set mine up at Max Point blank range with a 3 "radius(no more than 3"above or below line of site)
with my 7 rem mag it was 265 yards which was 2.5 "high at 100-----52 " low at 600
I carry my .308 zeroed at 100 yards. Simply because of the program my friend ran for my comeups.

I used to carry with a 3.5 inch high at 100 hold for point blank range of about 350 yards.

Now I'm trying to make use of my Leupold target turrets.
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