Carbon Express Torrid SS for crossbows


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Aug 4, 2015
I have been shooting Torrid SS for a very long time over fifteen years. I started shooting them when I started shooting lots of deer every year usually five to nine white tails every year. I keep shooting them year in and year out no matter what else I try because of the price and the accuracy. When you start to shoot over 320 FPS your broad head alignment starts to become more and more critical. Expandable blades have less drag keeping greater accuracy.
Even if the torrid are about the cheapest on the market with their own flaws I have taken probably around 100 deer with them at this point. Some Tips are 1. if you are shooting them out of a crossbow use two rubber bands (there are extra rubber bands in the package), this will stop blades opening in flight, unless the rubber bands get dry rotted. 2 tune a new head to the arrow, they have a weighted steel collar on them you can rotate a small turn, and spin test the arrow until they spin true. 3. make sure the set screws are tight, I have gotten as many as three turns with an eyeglass screwdriver on a brand new head. 4 throw them away as soon as they have been through an animal, they don't use the best steel for the blades and can get micro cracks easily especially if they hit bone. (they're only ten bucks per 3 heads at walmart online which is less than most replacement blades for other heads)
I have only lost one deer due to what I consider broad head failure, I hit one smack in the shoulder and it failed to penetrate, but I have killed dozens with the same quartering towards me shot in the past so I chalk it up to a defective head, probably broke off the trocar tip.
Give them a try if you have accuracy issues with your crossbow, might be the best ten bucks you spend on archery this fall.


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