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Nov 28, 2010
Went up for a hunt in Canada and Put my new Kimber Montana 25-06 to


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Guided in Ontario. Pretty good time. The same outfitter that Fred Eichler used last year.
The outfitter I used was right across the border of Minnesota. As a matter of fact, if I had shot a foot over the wolfs back, the bullet would have landed in Minnesota and that is a true story. I was about 150 yards from the U.S.- Canada border.
I was amazed at the little 25-06. I bought a Kimber Montana just for the hunt because I had nothing between a 280AI and a 22-250. I figured it was the perfect excuse to buy a new gun. I am shooting 117 sierra game kings but unsure of the speed. I am shooting the max load in my speer manual and can get you the specifics if you would like. Not sure about speed as it was the max load in my manual, and my test load after sighting in was LITERALLY a tiny little cluster at 100 yards. I was so happy with the performance of the little Kimber, I was not going to touch a thing.
Bullet performed perfectly but the shot was only about 150 yards. The wound looked like you shoved a golf ball through the animal and he dropped in his tracks.
The yote was shot about 220 and melted as well. exit hole on him was about the size of a quarter.
accommodations were outstanding and price was $2500.00
Two out of three guys harvested.
Let me know if you need anything else
it looks like you a real big one of each. that is a great report. what powder do you use? thanks. ron
I used Hornady brass and Sierra boat tail game kings, CCI BR primers and 49 grains of H4350. My Kimber Montana is shooting itty bitty groups with this combo, but I have NO IDEA what the speed is.
No that sounds great, I use the ,90gr Blitzkings in my 25/06 but
That may be a tad light for a 150 lb wolf? I have lots of 117 SSTs , I will use on DEER around here in Maine, and some 120gr Speer Boattails with a .488 BC for hunting out west where the shots can be 400plus, having a custom turret cut at
Leupold for that load at the moment, for my VX2, CDS scope.
That hunt sounds great, and you sure got a nice one! Congrats!
Over on the Nosler board your rifle is referred to as a 25 Whelen, because he and Neider actually developed it!
I know I love the 25-06 caliber. I also love the gun so much, I am replacing all of my favorite calibers with Kimber Montana's. Its funny how long I avoided the Montana because of bad reviews....Man did I make a good move by finally buying
Very cool! Very jealous! Looks like the kimber did the job well. Im going to hunt wolves by thunder bay ontario this winter with Bear trak outfitters. Killed a bear with them this spring. Hope i have as good of luck as you! Thanks for the post! wolf came from the thunder bay area as well....different outfitter though.
I will share with anyone who wants to know. Just send me a PM......thanks
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