Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40 mil-dot scope

It was not a problem for me. Looking at an f-class target at 1k, I could clearly see the target rings and watch the reticle on the target.

With ground hogs beyond 700yard the crosshairs were heavy enough that they covered up the 'hog. I compensated by finding the 'hog in the scope and when the hog disappeared behind the crosshairs, squeezed the round off.

For a <$200 scope I don't think you can beat it.

When I upgraded to a Leupold MK4 I had a couple buddies standing in line to buy the Bushnell from me.
I have 2 of them and they work well. I routinely shoot out to 900 yards with these. I have no problem with the fixed power except when hunting in thick brush/timber. Even then they get the job done.
a good clear scope, light and strongly constructed, clear glass and a rain coating on lenses which is very good in adverse conditions. For me though, i do like side PA on any scope for just that fine tuning..

have only had mine for 6 months. I have shoot it out to 600yards so far. i like it. i will update my post after i get back from antelope hunting next month. it is my first mil-dot scope
I have one on my Stevens 200 223. I've taken it out to 400 yards and shot 2" groups with it. I love the mil dot for holdover. Don't ever have to worry if I'm on the right power :D
The one thing I liked about the scope the most, the warranty was good.

I bought one because of the article mentioned earlier. I took off my $50 scope and mounted the Bushnell on my 30-30, the scope died within 20 shots.
I mounted my $50 scope back on and sent for another since everyone had such high praise for that particular scope. The new one lasted just under 200 shots before it died.
I mounted my $50 scope back on and am not thinking about buying another.

I did make my best shot to date with that scope on my 30-30.
I just bought one a couple of months ago and have it mounted on my stevens 7mm-08. Used it out to 578yds so far and it have shown to be quite dependable. I so far am impressed with it. Now, me shooting at 578yds, not so impressive..............:D. Seriously though, It shows accurate repeatability and has not lost any zero that I can see. I thought that a fixed power, no adustable objective scope might be an issue, but once i got used to it, all was good. And, the scope is crystal clear.....
Take a look at the SWFA SS. For about the same money you will get a whole lot more internal travel, parallax adjustment, and great mechanics. If you are going low cost fixed power this is the only scope I could recommend.