Bushnell 4200 T mil reading


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Oct 8, 2006
Oklahoma City, Ok
Fella's I'm looking at either the 4200 or 6500 of the bushnell scopes but I have yet to find when you read mils? what power are mil readings taken? Later,

on the 6-24 it is 12 and 24 there is a nice brochure that come with the scope to explain the calucations. mk
The calculations I'm already used to just wondering what power setting they were read at. I'm used to a straight 10X and am wanting to go with a variable to get a little more magnification to hit smaller targets at longer ranges. Thanks for the reply on the setting, 12X is kinda high to read ranges but might be easier? Later,

Jon, this scope would be subject to repeated elevation changes from 100 to 1K on a 308 shooting plates, about 200 rounds a month. I have tried a couple other scopes from other makers and have yet to find one that will hold up! I don't have a Leupold or Nightforce budget so warranty would be a huge factor and return of product. I have tried to find a budget scope that will meet my needs with no luck so the biggest question is will this thing hold up?

You can shoot me a PM or I can try and give you a call to talk about this brand of scope being I have never heard of them. Thanks for the heads up on something different! I know thee are folks out there making good stuff to fit us budget minded people that I don't know about. Later,

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