Burris Signature Series Scope Rings


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Mar 25, 2003
Burris offers the interchangeable scope ring inserts in their Signature Rings. These allow you to raise or lower your scope to add additional inches of scope adjustment for longer shots. Any feedback for or against this set up.
In my opinion.. excellent... if you ever want to trade up scopes or whateve.. no rings marks.. they don't give you honest 20 moa but they get you alot.. I would be hessitant using them on a heavy recoiling rifle though....
I use them and as long as you are willing to carefully set them in the proper rotation they work superbly. The only thing I have actually used them on is lower recoiling target rifles. Some people have claimed that they hold the scope tighter than regular rings and actually work excellently with heavy recoiling rifles.
They appear solid and seem to hold zero well after being adjusted.
With respect to getting slope on the scope in order to be able to obtain a longer range Zero, that is the actual reason I use them on my rifle.

The method I use to get as much zero adjustment as possible is to center the scope crosshairs horizontally and bottom out the vertical adjustment. Then I mount it the scope and rings on the rifle and adjust the offset inserts to give me a 100 yard zero (if possible). This gives me all the the vertical adjustment that the scope is capable of giving. Depending upon the particular rifle and scope combination you can gain up to 20 moa of vertical adjustment. If you use the Burris rings in conjunction with a 20 moa base, you can get a substantial amount of long range usability. If you do such a combination, know that you will need a serious amount of vertical adjustment on the scope to be able to get any closer range zero at all.
I have had some ring inserts break, not sure why but they got brittle. Have had this happen on both Burris and the identical Sakos. Wondered if you guys have had any snap into pieces. I might have just got some bummers.
I have used them on Sako 75's in .338 and .300 Win mags and they held the scopes just fine. Wyo is correct, no ugly ring marks.

Did the broken ones fall out or did you notice them when you took it apart for some reason? I haven't taken mine apart on my 416wby but they seem to be holding up fine with the Leupold 3.5-10x40 on it. I did get a couple optional .020" insert kits so I have 40 moa in it now. You gota love the no scratches part too!
I have a set on my 6.5/284 with a couple .020 inserts on a 24x leupold target scope and like them. I have plenty of elevation for 1200 meters with this setup.
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Kelby makes some similar, but with aluminum inserts. Burris claims that they are 50 cal. proof. Just e-mail them! Haven't tried them yet, like the luppy DD's that are mounted. Not too expensive, and very strong.
I used mine on a 30 Cal with no brake for thousands of rounds and had no movement whatsoever. I've had the scope off at least 30 times now in the last year and they go back in place as nice as anything I've seen. Still, the only scratches on my scope are the ones I get from working on the gun, banging it around.
The inserts were broke when I opened the rings, they had cracked and gone to hell while I was useing the rifle. I actually put the pieces carefully back together, cranked down the tops and kept shooting the rifle until I could get some replacements. I really like the inserts, wish they were in all rings.

Have also had some nasty experiences with Burris rings that did not have the inserts, worst scope ring cuts I have done was with Burris rings into a Burris scope on a one-piece Burris base. Win some and lose some.
They hold a scope like no other ring.I use the weaver burris siginature ring on my 416 rem mag 1500 shots without scope moving at all.I also have them on my 338-378s.They are the best .You can correct any offset easily Mike
I use the signature rings on four rifles now. I have had a DD set on a 30-378 for about 400 rounds without any problems. A few weeks ago I removed the scope and installed a level and upon checking zero was pleasently surprised that the point of impact was exactly where it was prior to disassembly. I don't use the offset rings but rather install a shim under the rear base. The loads are somewhat mild, they only slightly impress the case head with ejector marks.
Easy to keep track of the number of firings on the case that way.
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